Freeview HD Devices

It is now possible to watch us on Freeview HD, channel 250, with a compatible TV or set-top-box.

Our Freeview suppliers are working very closely with a broad range of manufacturers to ensure that their existing and future Freeview HD products meet the standards required to watch our broadcasts.

TO enjoy watching please make sure that you have the following:

  • A compatible Freeview HD TV set or device (see below for compatible devices)
  • Broadband connection (2Mbps or more required)
  • Your device is connected to the internet (check device's network settings)
  • Your device is connected to a TV aerial

  • The following is a list of connected Freeview HD TVs and Digital Television Recorders that are known to work properly with this new service. (Only internet-enabled models will work).


    Freeview HD TVs
    E4000 series*, E5000 series, E6000 series, E7000 series, E8000 series, F4000 series*, F5000 series, F6000 series, F7000 series, F8000 series, F9000 series, H5000*, H6000, H7000, H8000 series*, J4100 series*, J5100 series*

    *The service is only available on the Internet-enabled models within this series.

    Digital Television Recorders

    BD-E8300, BD-E8500M, BD-E8900M, BD-F8500M, BD-F8900M, STB-E7500, STB-E7900, BD-H8900M, BD-H8500M


    Freeview HD TVs

    AX802B series, AS802B series, AS740B series, AS650B series, AS640B series, AS600B series, AS520B series, AS510B series, AS500B series

    Digital Television Recorders

    2012/2013 Models

    ZT6B series, VT60B series, GT60B series, WT60B series, DT65B series, ET60B series, E6B series, ST60B series, X60B series, EM6B series, XM6B series, B6B series, VT50B series, WT50B series, GT50B series, DT50B series, ST50B series, UT50B series, XT50B series, ET5B series, E5B series


    Freeview HD TVs

    2015 Models

    55LF560V-ZF, 50LF560V-ZF, 42LF560V-ZF, 32LF560V-ZF, 49LF540V-ZB, 43LF540V-ZB, 24MT47D-BZS, 29MT47D-PZS, 24MT47D-PZS, 22MT47D-PZS, 65EG960V-ZA,   55EG960V-ZA, 65UF940V-ZA, 55UF940V-ZA, 79UF860V-ZA, 65UF860V-ZA, 55UF860V-ZA, 55UF8607-ZA, 65UG870V-ZA, 55UG870V-ZA, 65UF850V-ZB, 60UF850V-ZB, 55UF850V-ZB, 49UF850V-ZB, 55UF8507-ZB, 49UF8507-ZB, 65UF851V-ZC, 60UF851V-ZC, 55UF851V-ZC, 49UF851V-ZC, 55UF8517-ZC, 49UF8517-ZC, 65UF852V-ZE, 60UF852V-ZE, 55UF852V-ZE, 49UF852V-ZE, 55UF8527-ZE, 49UF8527-ZE, 65UF855V-ZF, 60UF855V-ZF, 55UF855V-ZF, 49UF855V-ZF, 55UF8557-ZF, 49UF8557-ZF, 65UF856V-ZG, 60UF856V-ZG, 55UF856V-ZG, 49UF856V-ZG, 55UF8567-ZG, 49UF8567-ZG, 65UF857V-ZH, 60UF857V-ZH, 55UF857V-ZH, 49UF857V-ZH, 55UF8577-ZH, 49UF8577-ZH, 55JL9100-ZQ, 49JL9100-ZQ, 40JL9100-ZQ, 65UF800V-ZA, 55UF800V-ZA, 49UF800V-ZA, 55UF8007-ZA, 49UF8007-ZA, 65UF778V-ZA, 60UF778V-ZA, 55UF778V-ZA, 49UF778V-ZA, 43UF778V-ZA, 40UF778V-ZA, 55UF7787-ZA, 49UF7787-ZA, 43UF7787-ZA, 40UF7787-ZA, 79UF770V-ZA, 65UF770V-ZB, 60UF770V-ZB, 55UF770V-ZB, 49UF770V-ZB, 43UF770V-ZB, 40UF770V-ZB, 55UF7707-ZB, 49UF7707-ZB, 43UF7707-ZB, 40UF7707-ZB, 70UF772V-ZP, 65UF772V-ZP, 60UF772V-ZP, 55UF772V-ZP, 49UF772V-ZP, 43UF772V-ZP, 40UF772V-ZP, 55UF7727-ZP, 49UF7727-ZP, 43UF7727-ZP, 40UF7727-ZP, 70UF7729-ZP, 65UF776V-ZQ, 60UF776V-ZQ, 55UF776V-ZQ, 49UF776V-ZQ, 43UF776V-ZQ, 40UF776V-ZQ, 55UF7767-ZQ, 49UF7767-ZQ, 43UF7767-ZQ, 40UF7767-ZQ, 49UF690V-ZC, 49UF690V-ZD, 43UF690V-ZC, 43UF690V-ZD, 49UF6907-ZD, 43UF6907-ZD, 77EG990V, 65EF980V, 98UF8K, 65UF950V, 55UF950V, 32LF630V-ZA, 32LF631V-ZB, 32LF633V-ZC, 32LF650V-ZA, 32LF653V-ZC, 32LF655V-ZC, 40LF630V-ZA, 40LF631V-ZB, 40LF633V-ZC, 42LF640V-ZA, 42LF650V-ZA, 42LF653V-ZC, 42LF655V-ZC, 2LF670V-ZA, 42LF677V-ZB, 42LF720V-ZA, 43LF630V-ZA, 43LF631V-ZB, 43LF633V-ZC, 49LF630V-ZA, 49LF631V-ZB, 49LF633V-ZC, 49LF640V-ZA, 50LF650V-ZA, 50LF653V-ZC, 55LF630V-ZA, 55LF631V-ZB, 55LF650V-ZA, 55LF653V-ZC, 55LF670V-ZA, 55LF677V-ZB, 55LF720V-ZA

    2014 Models

    32LB650V, 32LB652V, 32LB653V, 39LB650V, 42LB630V, 42LB631V, 42LB650V, 42LB652V, 42LB653V, 42LB670V, 42LB671V, 42LB673V, 42LB675V, 42LB677V, 42LB679V, 42LB680V, 42LB690V, 42LB700V, 42LB701V, 42LB720V, 42LB730V, 42LB731V, 47LB630V, 47LB631V, 47LB650V, 47LB652V, 47LB653V, 47LB670V, 47LB671V, 47LB673V, 47LB675V, 47LB677V, 47LB679V, 47LB680V, 47LB690V, 47LB700V, 47LB701V, 47LB720V, 47LB730V, 47LB731V, 49JL9000, 49JL900V, 49LB860V, 49LB870V, 50LB650V, 50LB653V, 50LB670V, 50LB671V, 50LB675V, 50LB677V, 55JL9000, 55JL900V, 55LB630V, 55LB631V, 55LB650V, 55LB652V, 55LB653V, 55LB670V, 55LB671V, 55LB673V, 55LB675V, 55LB679V, 55LB680V, 55LB690V, 55LB700V, 55LB701V, 55LB720V, 55LB730V, 55LB731V, 55LB860V, 55LB870V, 60JL9000, 60JL900V, 60LB650V, 60LB680V, 60LB720V, 60LB730V, 60LB860V, 60LB870V, 65LB680V, 65LB730V, 70LB650V

    2012/2013 Models

    32LA620V-ZA, 32LA621V-ZD, 32LA644V-ZA, 32LA660V-ZA, 32LA662V-ZC, 32LA667V-ZB, 32LN570U-ZA, 32LN570V-ZE, 32LN575V-ZE, 32LN577V-ZK, 32LN610V-ZB, 32LN613V-ZB, 39LA620V-ZA, 39LN575V-ZE, 39LN577V-ZK, 42LA620V-ZA, 42LA621V-ZD, 42LA640V-ZA, 42LA641V-ZC, 42LA644V-ZA, 42LA645V-ZC, 42LA660V-ZA, 42LA662V-ZC, 42LA667V-ZB, 42LA669V-ZE, 42LA690V-ZB, 42LA691V-ZA, 42LA692V-ZC, 42LA740V-ZA, 42LN570V-ZA, 42LN570V-ZE, 42LN575V-ZE, 42LN577V-ZK, 42LN610V-ZB, 42LV740V-ZB, 47LA620V-ZA, 47LA621V-ZD, 47LA640V-ZA, 47LA641V-ZC, 47LA644V-ZA, 47LA645V-ZC, 47LA660V-ZA, 47LA662V-ZC, 47LA667V-ZB, 47LA669V-ZE, 47LA690V-ZB, 47LA691V-ZA, 47LA692V-ZC, 47LA710V-ZA, 47LA740V-ZB, 47LA741V-ZA, 47LN575V-ZE, 47LN577V-ZK, 47LN610V-ZB, 47LN613V-ZB, 50LA620V-ZA, 50LA644V-ZA, 50LA660V-ZA, 50LA667V-ZB, 50LN575V-ZE, 50LN577V-ZK, 55LA620V-ZA, 55LA640V-ZA, 55LA641V-ZC, 55LA660V-ZA, 55LA662V-ZC, 55LA667V-ZB, 55LA690V-ZB, 55LA691V-ZA, 55LA692V-ZC, 55LA710V-ZA, 55LA740V-ZB, 55LA741V-ZA, 55LN575V-ZE, 60LA620V-ZA, 60LA644V-ZA, 60LA740V-ZA, 60LN575V-ZE


    Freeview HD TVs
              32L6453DB, 42L6453DB, 47L6453DB, 42L7453DB, 47L7453DB, 55L7453DB, 32L6453DB, 42L6453DB, 47L6453DB, 32H6453DB, 42H6453DB, 47H6453DB, 42L7453DB,              
    47L7453DB, 55L7453DB, 40L2556DB, 50L2556DB



    Plaza HD-T2


    Freeview HD TVs

    2014 Models

    LE760, LE264, LE164, LE166, LE760, UQ10, UD20

    2013 Models

    LE650, LE750


    Digital Television Recorders



    Digital Television Recorders

    B320HDPVR, B1TBHDPVR, Bush 320GB, Bush 500GB, Bush 320GB Smart, Bush 500GB Smart


    Digital Television Recorders

    DTR-HD500, DTR-Z500


    Digital Television Recorders



    Freeview HD TVs

    2012 Models



    2011 Models

    KDL-22EX320, KDL-24EX320, KDL-26EX320, KDL-32CX520, KDL-46CX520, KDL-46HX923, KDL-55HX923, KDL-65HX923, KDL-46HX823, KDL-55HX823, KDL-40HX723, KDL-46HX723, KDL-40NX723, KDL-46NX723, KDL-55NX723, KDL-60NX723, KDL-32EX723, KDL-40EX723, KDL-46EX723, KDL-55EX723, KDL-32EX724, KDL-40EX724, KDL-46EX724, KDL-32EX524, KDL-37EX524, KDL-40EX524, KDL-46EX524, KDL-32EX523, KDL-32EX523, KDL-40EX523, KDL-40EX523, KDL-32CX523, KDL-40CX523

    2012 Models

    KDL-22EX553, KDL-26EX553, KDL-32EX653, KDL-40EX653, KDL-46EX653, KDL-32HX753, KDL-40HX753, KDL-46HX753, KDL-55HX753, KDL-40HX853, KDL-46HX853, KDL-55HX853

    2013 Models

    KDL-42W653A, KDL-32W603A, KDL-32W653A, KD-55X9005A, KD-65X9005A, KDL-55W905A, KDL-46W905A, KDL-40W905A, KDL-55W805A, KDL-47W805A, KDL-42W805A, KDL-24W605A, KDL-50W656A, KDL-50W685A, KDL-65W855A, KDL-65S995A, KD-65X8505A, KD-55X8505A

    2014 Models

    KDL-32W705B, KDL-32W706B, KDL-40W605B, KDL-42W705B, KDL-42W706B, KDL-50W705B, KDL-50W706B, KDL-42W805B, KDL-42W815B, KDL-42W817B, KDL-42W828B, KDL-42W829B, KDL-48W585B, KDL-48W605B, KDL-50W805B, KDL-50W815B, KDL-50W817B, KDL-50W828B, KDL-50W829B, KDL-55W805B, KDL-55W815B, KDL-55W817B, KDL-55W828B, KDL-55W829B, KDL-55W955B, KDL-60W605B, KDL-60W855B, KDL-65W955B, KD-49X8505B, KD-55X8505B, KD-55X9005B, KD-65X8505B, KD-65X9005B, KD-65X9505B, KD-70X8505B, KD-79X9005B, KD-85X9505B, KDL-50W705B, KDL-50W706B, KDL-65S9005B, KDL-75S9005B, KDL-32W705C, KDL-40W705C, KDL-48W705C, KDL-55W705C, KDL-32R413B, KDL-32R433B, KDL-40R453B, KDL-40R483B, KDL-48R483B

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